Get into explosive cardio

High intensity interval training type workouts maximizes total fat loss and that means losing some fats on your abs. There are ways you can incorporate HIIT including straight up HIIT circuits, intense tabata mode of workouts; and other moves with explosive cardio like jumping ropes and jumping squats. You can also do finishing circuits with added weight lifting workout.



Don’t forget about Resistance Training

With resistance training also called strength training, you can easily target body fat. These types of workouts help achieve sculpted and lean muscles, making you an efficient fat burner. These types of workouts will definitely change your body’s shape and composition. You can balance your HIIT with some resistance training to get results you have always wanted. Remember that you will not get bulky just by adding some weights on your routine.

Train your entire core at 360

Do not only focus on the front abs, focus on training your entire core. You can go for an amazing yoga core sequence that targets your abdominal walls, 360 degrees. When you focus on the entire core, you can be sure to see real ab definition. Work on the front, sides and also the back muscles to help in order to target deep core stabilizing muscles. Doing crunches, sit ups and leg lifts alone, will only go as far; so use many targeted ab workouts to train your entire core.


Make Nutrition a Habit

Be sure to eat a balanced meal that contains both macro and micro nutrients to support your body’s needs. Remember that the 80% chance of sculpting your body relies on what you eat. That is why it is important that you take your eating habits as serious as how you take your workouts. There are tendencies where we stick to our exercise habits more religiously and neglect our diet –however there is no other exercise plan that can out train poor nutrition.

Think about getting the abs you have always wanted ladies. The key is determination and with a little help and knowledge, you are on your way there!


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Train Hard Love Life,

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*Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.