Aiming for Sexy Glutes but don’t have fancy equipment? Fret not!



 In BootyTransformation, we are busting some common Glute myths and will give you some booty-training exercises that you should do at the gym without spending too much time or training with complex activities and equipment. While we do recommend using weights and using other functional tools, this does not necessarily mean that you need any of these just to get results. The only essential key is your body weight coupled with the right isolation moves, basic gym equipment and proper training guidance & workout design while doing it in a set of repetitions moves given in a short period of time.

Start lifting your hips and squeeze your glutes with these two recommended approved exercises that can help you unlock and activate all three gluteal muscles.


Bridge Bodyweight

Bridge is one of the best booty moves that use your bodyweight. It requires mobility, stability, and strength. This workout allows the hips to be opened and initiates glute contractions. Not only that, the bridge bodyweight is the perfect move to strengthen your core.

To do this, you have to make sure to focus on your glutes. Start by having your shoulders bent forward and a permanently crooked back. Think like you can walk around like a monkey. Do this series by 20 repetitions for each move. Notice that you have to brace your core, and not let your lower back take over. It doesn’t matter how high you can bridge up, especially if you are hyperextending your lower back and not extending your hips instead. Make sure that you focus on squeezing your glutes while at the top and hold for a second to squeeze and contract.

In doing this circuit, get from one move to the next and rest at about 30 seconds in between your rounds. Set your goal to 2-3 rounds of this series which consists of: (spacebar) 20 reps 2-Count Top Hold Basic Glute Bridge

  • 20 reps Glute Bridge with March

  • 20 reps Frog Bridges

  • 20 reps Tabletop Bridges

Side Lying Body Weight

Another workout which demands mobility is Side Lying Body Weight. To do this series, you need to do 20-30 repetitions for each move before you can go to the next exercise. Do all sets on each side to complete the circuit and repeat to the other side. Rest for up to 30 seconds on each round. Complete the circuit for 2-3 rounds.

A significant key to practice in making these moves is to make sure that your top leg is at around eight inches above your bottom leg. Also, going up to 12 to 15 inches up is better. Also, make sure that your toe doesn’t rotate open as you lift and keep your foot parallel slightly turned toward the ground.

The circuit consists of;

  • 20-30 reps per side Side-Lying Leg Lifts

  • 20-30 reps per side Side Lying Front Kicks

  • 20-30 reps per side Side Lying Back Kicks

  • 20-30 reps per side Side Lying Front to Back Swings

  • 20-30 reps per side Side Lying Bicycles

To target your glutes, try any of these butt  exercises, they are easy to perform and guaranteed to give you effective results. Activate your Glutes and unlock your hips move from our Booty Program!

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Train Hard Love Life,

Michelle & The Booty Transformation Crew xx

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*Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.