Do you ever feel like wanting to eat something, even when you are not hungry at all? Your stomach isn’t even growling but still you think about the idea of engulfing yourself with ice cream sundaes, chocolates and fried chicken.
Remember finishing off your grandmother’s apple pie; or the taste of soda in every game you watched? The reality is that food is connected with a number of emotional associations and that they are connected with feelings; eating them can activate all those good feelings and sensations.
The most noticeable difference about being hungry and having a craving is that when you are hungry you need food; and when you are craving, you need a feeling.
That good feeling we get after satisfying our cravings does not really solve the problem; and wouldn’t get us anywhere. If you are struggling with this, here are the top 5 things to do to combat cravings.

1. Have lots of protein


Go for a healthy option like chicken nuggets. Protein regulates hormones and body fats. Eating protein leads to the production and release of glucagon. This hormone encourages fat out of the cells so it could be easily used up by the muscles. Not to mention, protein is even more satisfying compared to fat or carbs.

2. Go for complex carbs



Choose from whole food sources and not processed refined carb foods (white rice, white bread, pastries and sugar sweeteners). The bottom line is choosing a wide array of whole wheat choices including overnight oatmeal, potatoes, buckwheat bread, and sprouted rice or quinoa.

3. Get those Greens



Good for fiber and micronutrients, our body needs greens to help our metabolism function at its optimum. Greens can help your body get an instant boost of goodness. It is a super smart self-care choice because it also helps boost your immune system, activate a healthy digestion and improve energy and mood.

4. Just eat enough



Never deprive your body because skipping meals does not help you lose weight. Truth is, the opposite thing happens. When you skip meals, you deprive your body of an energy source, your body seems to think that it should save some for later, storing some in your fat cells. It holds on to fats, making it even harder to loose.

Remember ladies, there’s no reason why you should beat yourself up from eating way much on a friend’s party, or having sweets once in a while. They key is having it once in a while. Practice your free will by making choices that will you achieve your goal. That’s because you are the only person who can help yourself achieve the body and the life you want.


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Train Hard Love Life,

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