Differentiated against key competition, this franchise model offers great potential with membership-driven recurring revenue and fantastic high member retention.

At Booty Transformation the cornerstone of our business philosophy is to create a business framework that delivers the potential for sound multiple income streams as well as high industry margins.

More importantly our relentless focus on developing a simplified operational framework has allowed us to strip away the clutter. This enables our franchisees to start their Booty Transformation facility with ease.


The one-size-fits-all business model of the global fitness industry has steadily eroded over the years and is headed towards saturation.. Whereas boutique clubs offering bespoke fitness programs have consistently shown strong growth.

Women are driving a change in the fitness industry. Training Maestro for the Australian Institute of Fitness, Nardia Norman, explains “we will see female-specific programs becoming mainstream. There’s a rise of influential female body positive professionals taking on weight loss and parts of the fitness industry that capitalise on women’s body insecurities. Together with an increase in female specific research and an empowered female consumer, we will see more programs dedicated to women’s training and health.”

HIIT and Strength Training is in high demand. As per annual surveys from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “High intensity interval training has been a consistently high-ranking trend on the forecast in recent years, appearing in the top three since 2014.”

What can I expect to do in a session?

4 x 12 Minute Intervals – That’s how we inspire and empower you to be a #FitStrongConfidentWoman

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fitness. Instead, we empower you to work at your own level and speed so that you can gradually push to your next level. Your Booty Coach will be there every step of the way, creating personalised modifications to help you get the most out of your workout.

What results can I expect to see?

The combination of training modalities within Booty Transformation can have impressive results.  Booty is effective for increasing cardiovascular fitness, sculpting your body shape and increasing metabolic rate. In a 48 minute Booty session you can potentially burn anything between 500-1000 calories

Some of its benefits are:

  • It will increase your metabolism as you continue to burn calories for up to 24-36 hours after a class. This is extremely effective way of burning calories opposed to exercises such as jogging, where burn stops with the activity.
  • It elevates your ability to uptake oxygen, building your overall aerobic capacity, meaning you can run further and faster for longer.
  • Over time, HIIT sessions are able to increase the flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins, better than continuous aerobic exercise is able to.

Why Booty Transformation

Niche ‘Untapped’ Market

Multiple Income Streams

In House Digital Marketing Department

High Member Retention



‘The Ultimate Female Fitness Experience’

The journey from the front door has been carefully curated from your very first step inside onto the wooden polished floors in the reception area where you are greeted by the warm welcoming team into the Social Zone and through the corridor to the Fresh Zone (Showers, change rooms and toilets) and Kids Zone.

The Social Zone has the specific aim of forging a strong community feel and by creating a focal point around the lavish pendant lighting hung above the reception area and the opportunity for members to form relationships and enjoy a chat before or after a session.

Like no other boutique studio in Australia, your family is our family in the Kids Zone at Booty Transformation. At no additional cost to our members, your little ones (or big ones) can play safely within an enclosed area that is visible from the Booty HIIT Studio via floor to ceiling glass walls. Children can enjoy a variety of toys, books or puzzles all whilst mum is exercising.

The Fresh Zone – changing facilities and toilets offer a luxurious feel including complimentary toiletries – from shampoo and conditioner, to hair dryers, GHD’s and sanitary products. A towel hire service is further complemented by the chilled lavender scented face towels for use after each session.

The pinnacle and the heart of the experience is the vibrant BOOTY HIIT Studio at the end of the corridor where your warm and friendly coach is ready waiting for you with an energetic high five.

Inside the BOOTY HIIT Studio your senses are stirred by the collective visual and auditory impact of the coloured LED lighting, wall graphics and DJ produced soundtracks, BOOTY BEATS.

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We've Got Your Back Total Body

Orangetheory is group training made personal. You can always count on our certified coaches to ensure you are performing exercises safely and effectively.

If you have an orthopedic issue, such as joint discomfort, never fear. Just tell your coach. Every exercise has options that ensure this workout is inclusive for people of all abilities.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars per hour to get results. We keep the cost down while giving you expert coaching and advice. Plus, working out in a group creates energy you can’t get alone.


A Workout for all fitness levels


This workout produces results based on your unique abilities.


Recovering from an injury or issue and need special guidance? Just tell your coach! We have options for every exercise.


We switch up the workout every day, so not only will you continue to challenge and change your body, you’ll have more fun!

What Is Coaching Zone ?



How much does it cost to open a Booty Transformation franchise?

The initial investment for a site depends on a range of factors, including the site location, size, and lease terms. The initial investment starts from $200,000 plus GST.

Do you offer training?

As a franchisee you will be required to complete the Booty Training Program before opening and operating your Booty franchise.

What is the availability of a Booty Transformation location in my area?

We will discuss it in detail once we receive your initial inquiry.

What are the size requirements for a Booty Transformation Studio?

You absolutely don’t need a mega establishment to start a Booty Transformation franchise. You can start our franchise in an area as compact as 200 sqm.

Do I need to have prior experience in the gym or fitness industry?

You don’t specifically need to come from a fitness background to become a successful Booty Transformation franchisee. Ideally we look for a partner with business and operations acumen and more importantly someone who shares our passion to transform lives.

What are the ongoing royalty fees a franchisee must pay?

As a Booty Transformation franchise owner there is a flat fee from $1500/month OR 6% of monthly revenue (whichever is greater). You will also be required to contribute to local area marketing.

Are there opportunities for multi-site development?

Yes, however to be eligible, you must be a franchisee who has a proven track record of success and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the brand.

How long does the whole process take?

Once approved, you could be operational in as little as 3 months. During that time, your studio will be built and you will complete your required training. Your cooperation with the franchising team will ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible.

Success Stories

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