New studies have found out that High Intensity Interval Training could mean disaster especially for beginners.



HIIT can do miracles for your body, but doing it right is always key. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) found out that HIIT could be doing more damage to weight loss plans than good. It turns out that people who do not exercise can lessen the major function of the mitochondria which is the cell’s powerhouse, whilst increasing the process of premature ageing and developing cancer. Luckily, the solution is to slowly build up intensity overtime and never go for broke right ahead. Start with a fifteen minute routine and increase your time by five to ten minutes each week. Easy peasy. That’s not all, we have gathered some thoughts from our experts to enlighten us on how to avoid the common HIIT mistakes.

The Problem: Wrong Warm Up

Booty Transformation Co-Founder & Coach Nolan Fisher says that most disastrous injuries are caused by going hard on straight away, and not warming up correctly.

The solution

An intense HIIT session should start with a matching warm up. It requires getting your body all set and ready so it is vital that you mimic the movements of your main workout. Start with a low intensity warm up to avoid injuries.


The Problem: Long Training hours

With HIIT, less is more. Fisher says that doing a high intensity session for more than 30 minutes won’t give you results.

The Solution

The only reason an intensity training should work, is for it to be intense. Keep in mind that a 10 one-minute sprint equals to long hours of conventional cycling. The solution is to cut down your sessions into little blocks.


The Problem: Thinking that HITT is for muscle gain

If your only fitness goal is to gain muscles, then HITT is not for you. Sure it helps in Burning fats and adding curves but it sure is not for gaining bulks.  When you want to gain muscles, stick to large lifting and even larger meals.

The Solution

HIIT won’t blow up balloons in your guns says Booty Transformation Trainer & Coach Caren Reynolds. “Weight training will help release hormones your body needs to build up bigger muscles, so pick up those weight bars.”


The Problem: Wrong Timing

HIIT burns your fat like you are a human torch, only if you have the right timing. Performing a HIIT session after work will still raise your metabolism but will mainly target the food you eat before your sleep which isn’t a lot, actually.

The solution

Booty Coach Reynolds quotes, “Early bird catches the worm.” So, working out early puts on cross hairs on your fats, sweeping off the calories you will eat all throughout the day, quickly burning off that grub.



The Problem: Too many equipment

Sure you need some dumbbells to ensure fast results but you wouldn’t need too many equipment just to see results.

The Solution

“HIIT is always flexible, so you can direct it at any direction you want,” adds Fisher. Doing hill sprints, squat thrusts, and just about anything that pumps your heart rate by 90% will do the trick.

Indeed, HIIT can do wonders but it’s important that we do it the right way. Now that you know the Five common HIIT mistakes, I hope that this will help you do away with the wrong habits commonly associated with it.


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