Most of the time, people say, “I need to up my cardio because I want to lose weight.”

Cardio in this case means, long distance running with a steady-state cardio vascular activity.

However, that is not always the case, steady-state cardio may be initially helpful in losing weight but hitting your plateau as you progress changes everything.

It is very frustrating to know that you are working so hard, but still not getting enough results.

Logging the same miles for a period of time will eventually help your body adapt! This means you have hit a plateau wherein your body has adapted, which is also your ultimate goal.

What does this really mean, though? It means that your body has already became stronger and efficient. And when your body adapts, this is where steady-state cardio becomes less effective for weight loss over time.

The best way is to increase your miles, or to increase your speed, so that your body will continue adapting.

However, the problem comes in when you do not have the luxury of time to increase your miles. In this case, you can continue to increase your pace.
What is it that you must do then? To continue to see results, you must add Intervals!



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Adding strength Training is indeed a Huge part of the puzzle. Losing weight with steady-state cardio and adding intervals is a great way to make your cardio workout more efficient in losing weight. This is because, your body continues to be constantly challenged and continually adapts.

This doesn’t mean however, that you should start doing HIIT at the gym. You can simply add intervals or tempo while you are doing your run or ride.

These intervals could be a short burst with maybe 5 minutes in length. These intervals allows you to work on specific weak links during your conditioning. You can cycle the intensity and still challenged your body to burst through the plateaus. Remember that if it doesn’t challenged you, it will not benefit you too.

So if you think you have already hit your plateau on your cardio progress, you don’t have to think of upping your miles, or spending more time on your workouts. Instead, you can simply add intervals.

You can add interval training, vary your intensities and continue to challenge your body while doing your cardio and hitting those miles.

Ready to say goodbye to those flab and lose weight?

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