Understanding the basic and key points in our workout routine is significant before one commits into working out. The Art of War teaches us to “Know Thy Enemy”, before we can achieve our fitness goals.




Running for the same miles for a period of time and doing cardio alone is not the solution. There’s a misconception to many that you have to spend more time doing steady-state cardio. In a long term goal have you seen results wherein you lose weight by increasing your miles? There is no perfect cardio routine! Why? It’s because your body adapts! As your body becomes stronger while you hit your plateau that adaptation will make steady-state cardio less effective for weight loss over time and may lead to frustration because you don’t see results anymore. 

Hence, an easy sought solution is either to increase your speed or upping your cardio routine. Yet, the problem comes in when you do not have the luxury of time to increase your miles. What if you have a career that is demanding? How can you juggle family duties?


Less time working out doesn’t mean that exercise should be a chore.


Time is the ultimate factor which hinders commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Think of your body as an equipment that needs daily maintenance. In order to adapt with the daily commitments of life, the equipment has to function in its fullest potential. Human body needs exercise to keep its condition healthy.

In Booty Transformation, our workout plans and schedule are strategically crafted to redefine your workout routine especially for career women and thriving empowered women with busy schedule and have less time to work out by adding intervals in your workout routine.    

The thought of maximizing our time without sacrificing fitness is a relief even if you can only squeeze an hour or thirty (30) minutes in the gym.

To step up your fitness game, add Intervals!

Incorporating strength training in your routine is a huge part of the puzzle. Watch Kath’s testimonial and see how redefining the strength of your body and core by doing intervals. It is the key to make your cardio workout more efficient. The reason behind this is that your body continues to be challenged. When your body is continuously tested, it does not remain stagnant. Thus it continuously adapts.

Should I do more cardio to lose belly fat?

Watch Kath's testimonial and see how redefining the strength of your body and core by doing intervals. It is the key to make your cardio workout more efficient.

Posted by Booty Transformation Club on Friday, December 21, 2018


This does not mean that you should start doing high intensity interval training (HIIT). You can simply add intervals or tempo while you are doing your run or ride. These intervals could be 1) a short burst with maybe five (5) minutes in length or 2) lifting a set of dumbbells as you can while keeping proper form and control of your body. These intervals allow you to work on specific weak links during your conditioning. You can add interval training, cycle the intensity and continue to challenged your body to burst through the plateaus.


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