Booty Transformation has created a new era in female fitness with their unique Female SpecificWorkouts.Booty is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) high energy workout synced to up-beat, motivational dance music, it provides a dynamic workout combining kickboxing, booty and core conditioning, intense cardio blasts and strength training in a functional format.

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This combination of intervals, cardiovascular, booty and core conditioning and strength training has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat, building lean muscle and strengthening your booty, back and core.

The variation of our workout programming keeps our members challenged, continually engaged and always enjoying the journey to be a #FitStrongConfidnetWoman


Booty Transformation has nine different programs, all aimed to get results, keep you motivated and make sure you are supported along the way. Find out why the Booty Programs are the best for you and your goals.

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Our Philosophy

Coaching Zone is a fitness program that combines training and coaching. We use the latest technology and techniques in a 45-minute workout, followed by 15 minutes of coaching to review your progress and educate you on a range of lifestyle factors that can accelerate your results.

Our online nutrition support, social events and community atmosphere will make your journey to the new you fun and rewarding.

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The Coaching Zone group personal training sessions cater to all fitness levels including those who are new or coming back to exercise. Our coaches educate members about the correct ways and intensities to train to, and how to achieve a sustainable training routine which is the key to long term results.

A Coaching Zone membership gives you unlimited access to group personal training sessions led by a qualified fitness coach for $49.95 per week with no lock-in contracts.

Many of our members get the start they need with Coaching Zone in our activate class, then progress through our more advanced classes with new found confidence and fitness. We find our member keep coming back for new friendships they’ve made in class, the support from our coaches and the results they’ve achieved. Coaching Zone is the ultimate training program – no matter what your current fitness level is.


Our Diet

Following a sensible and sustainable diet is the key to your progress.

At the start of your program we give you a meal plan guide that is aimed at your own individual status.

We have all the options ready for you in painstaking detail, and then at the end of every session we carve out a 15 minute period when we answer any questions that you might have on your diet and overall lifestyle.

It’s like a mini seminar at the end of every workout!

Our Accountability

You’re not flying solo when you join TeamUP Sydney.

We will be with you every step of the way be it for advice after each session, to take your body fat and keep you and your teammates on the straight and narrow, or even to take before and after photos to show you how you are progressing.

Helping you achieve results. We’re famous for helping people get results. We want our semi-private training participants to get closer to the body or level of fitness they’ve always wanted, but never quite been able to achieve.

Small enough to not be like any spin / body attack class where individual coaching is impossible. So we found our sweet spot and limited the number to no more than 8 per class.

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Short enough to fit into lunch breaks or an hour out of work. We found the 30-40 minute mark to work perfectly. Why? Because we don’t mess around and we go hard.

Tough enough to force your body to adapt (a posh way of saying “change”, which after all is what you want), but accessible if you haven’t previously trained with UP.

Flexible, At the price you’re paying you don’t get the same flexibility as one-to-one personal training. But the way we have instructed the classes allows you to bring some friends and suggest to the trainer what you might want, or even within certain confines, move the start times around a little bit. Not a lot, but a bit. If you help us, we will always help you and bend over backwards to give you an unforgettable UP experience. We’re very proud of the workout programme that we have designed. The best feedback has come from our clients, who simply love the atmosphere and the workout they get at TeamUP. Every client tells us they love the sense of working hard, training together, and achieving more than they ever thought possible.

So whether you’re a current personal training client, or have never been to Ultimate Performance before, come and join TeamUP Sydney today.