For Newbies, resistance bands are a great tool for strength training. Using bands help target specific muscle groups and even help improve coordination. These 4 beginners’ moves will surely help you get acquainted with this toning tool wonder.



On your resistance band, stand tall on the middle. Grip those handles at shoulder height, with your palms facing forward.
On a flat back, move into squat position. Sit back and down on an imaginary chair. Make sure you lower down your thighs as much as you could, parallel to the floor. Keeps your knees over your ankles to maintain balance.
Press through your heels and hold for one count before you come back standing. This completes one repetition.
Complete three set with 10 to 12 repetitions.

Flutter Kicks


Sit on a mat and loop one handle of the band on one foot. Grip on the middle of the tube using both hands and lie on your back.
Draw your naval toward your spine and press your low spine to the floor. This will protect your back from injuries.
Lift both legs up pointing straight toward the ceiling.
Securely hold the band and scissor your legs up and down slowly. Count as one repetition, each time your right foot lowers down. Start with 10 repetitions and work your way up to 15 repetitions the next time.

Bicep Curls


Stand with both feet together and hold the band in either hand. Step both feet, hips-width distance apart, on the middle of the band.
Inhale, and as you exhale, bend both elbows. Align your posture correctly.
Come back to starting position as you inhale and straighten both arms. This counts as one repetition.
Complete three sets with 15 repetitions.



Using your left foot, step on the top of the band then, step on your right foot out. Be sure that your feet is a little wider than hips-width distance apart. Now, using both hands, reach for the handle of the band.
Use your left hand to hold the band, with palms up; and your right hand with your right palm down. Keep your arms and body straight and be sure that the bands has a little bit of give so you can pull it up and down, across your body.
With your right hip, lead and pivot with your left foot as you go across or “chop” the band to your chest. Draw a diagonal line over your right shoulder. Take control and return to starting position. This completes one repetition.
Perform two sets with 15 repetitions moving to your right and switch sides.
Complete two sets with 15 repetitions on both sides.

Resistance bands may sound promising but there is a 3 part process that will surely give you stunning results in achieving a strong and sexy core, while preventing injuries!

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