Resistance bands are affordable, small and lightweight and a real game changer for your butt. Though the name makes it sound like it is a toy, resistance bands is a fitness phenomenon that could lift and strengthen your muscles fast.

With gluten amnesia becoming more and more of an issue with jobs that keeps us sitting on our butts behind a desk all day, Kristy Mula, PT tells us, “The best way to combat glute amnesia is to do glute-focused exercises with bands, two-three times a week. This way, you can keep your glutes healthy and sculpt that most sought after fitness asset: a round booty.”

Here are three of Mula’s Favorite and most effective banded glute exercises.

Banded Standing Glute Kickbacks


Place a resistance band around your legs at the ankles while you allow yourself to stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart and the band taut.

Put your hands on your hips. Maintain balance on your left leg and you move your right foot slightly behind and diagonal to your left foot while your toes are resting on the ground. You should feel tension in the band.

Tighten your core and kick your right leg behind you. Keep your knee straight, while squeezing your glute tightly.

Return to starting position. Complete one set by switching legs while keeping the tension in the band.

Banded Half Jacks

Place bands around your thighs. In a semi-squat position, clasp your hands in front of your chest with feet roughly hip-width apart.

Maintain your hands in your chest and begin jumping on your feet, in and out. This is like doing the regular jumping jacks, while in semi-squat position. Feel the tension from the band at every point in every move.

Banded Booty Kicks

Get on your hands and knees with your spine straight. Hold unto the ends of the resistance band and place the center around the sole of your left foot.

Put pressure on your and extend your left foot behind, hold for one count.

Next, bring your knee down but don’t let it touch the ground. Complete in three sets, 15 counts for each leg.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Place the band above your knees. Lie on your back with arms on your sides and knees bent. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, resting approximately 12 inches form your glutes.

Start with your right leg and extend it out straight, level your thighs.

Get your glutes working and press your heel into the ground, driving your hips and butt upward to bridge position. Squeeze your glutes and hold for two counts.

Return to starting position while keeping your lifted knee extended. Finish one set and switch legs.

Now that you know what resistance bands can do, you can encourage other girls not to resist using it too. Resistance bands are handy and easy to carry, plus cheap too.

Using your resistance bands plus this 3-part process, you can get that sculpted and lifted butt, in no time!

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Train Hard Love Life,

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