The holiday season is here once again. With parties, temptations, and all other excuses to get on that healthy diet, this is the time of the year where you couldn’t get your fitness routine in line. There are just so many consequences that the holiday season brings that could derail your progress.

You may think about enjoying the season and just getting back on things after the New Year; but this is just a lame excuse on developing a healthy habit. And this only gives you the excuse of not succeeding and not achieving your goals for the future.

I am now giving you the top 10 tips to help you stay on Track for the Holidays

1. Plan it out

Start by mapping out upcoming events; long working days; days you can indulge or not; and finally, the time where you can get into your exercise routine. The key is being consistent. You never really have to deprive yourself because indulging can also sometimes keep you on track; but only if you have planned for it.

2.Have it Balanced

Keeping on track for the holidays doesn’t mean you have to skip on parties; you just have to keep it balanced. As for tip number 1, you can definitely plan out how to balance everything. You can eat healthy during a party, when you have a prepared meal; and still you can work out even if your schedule is tight just keep it short.

3. Say No

Tempting treats and most especially sweets just seem to come around during the holidays, but you never have to plead guilty when you say, “NO.” Learn how to say NO and not feel about it.

4. Don’t Deprive yourself


When you learn to say NO, you can also learn how to sometimes, say YES.  Keeping things on balance will keep you consistent. And because you are not depriving yourself by sticking on your plan, you will feel accomplished in achieving your goals.

5. Plan Simple Prepared Meals

Despite the busy Holiday rush, you can always plan meals ahead and still keep it delicious and simple. Planning your meals will help you avoid unhealthy treats.

6. Have quick workouts at Home

You may not be able to go to the gym due to a hectic schedule, but you can always perform a quick workout at home. A quick workout means, a routine that doesn’t require a gym equipment and takes just less time.

8. Maximize your Workout time

You may have measured how well your workout was on how sore you feel the next day, but maximizing your workout time is a whole lot different. It may be only 15 minutes of using your own body weight while maximizing the most time that you have. A compound exercise or a whole body exercise is the best choice.

8. Move all throughout the day

Staying on track for the holidays doesn’t mean keeping up with an hour long routine in the gym. All you can do is to move all throughout the day. You can stand up and walk around for a minute or two from your desk, or you can do a whole body stretch in every hour. This can help you stay active and focused during this stressful time.

9. Make Room for some Slack

The key on keeping yourself on track for the Holidays is consistency and not perfection. You do not have to beat yourself up for giving in with an unplanned treat, you never have to blame for yourself for not saying, NO. You can embrace these mishaps and make it an opportunity of reasons why you should get back on track.

10. Set small Goals

No matter what time of the year it is, setting small goals you can easily achieve will help you keep in track. It doesn’t have to be eating all chicken and broccoli or hitting one hour at the gym. Simple goals like eating all your prepared meals, or drinking plenty of water sure is enough. Keep your goals simple and attainable.

The holidays bring about all the challenges that may hinder you in achieving your goals, I hope that these 10 Tips will help you stay focused and in track.


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Train Hard Love Life,

Michelle & The Booty Transformation Crew xx

Michelle & Nolan Fisher (Founders of Booty Transformation) with their 2 boys