Twenty eighteen gave us boxing, HIIT, new wearable technology on gym wear, and even new gyms and fitness hubs popping up everywhere. And as we enter 2019, there are definitely new trends to look forward to.


Ninja Warrior Gyms

The American TV Show is truly a big success, and you can certainly find local gyms following the same format.  Ninja Warrior Gyms feature physical challenges featured on the same show including the famous warped wall, and the vertical ramp.


New Zumba

Zumba dance mixed with core workouts together with some Chacha should be a challenging take off.  A 3-minute plank with while dancing combined with a cha cha slide, at the same time.


Mobile Friendly Fitness Studios and personal Trainers

Whether you may be a boutique studio or a personal trainer, having a mobile app would behoove the fitness industry.  A studio that can make payments, book or cancel classes all with just an app.


Streaming Cardio

With several streaming options and free 15 day trials, people will experiment on several streaming finesses services before finding the correct match. They will stream these free service finesses and potentially find a cheap, local brick-and-mortar gym membership.


30 Minute Workouts

Short 30-minute programs will continue to gain popularity. Together with HIIT, compact exercises with shorter abbreviations will continue to prosper.


Multi-Function Equipment

Compared to the regular treadmill, machines with multi functions will hit the market. Giving people the chance to do resistance, cardio with contraption. This saves space and money.

HIIT Fusion

HIIT now begins to blend with other flexibility-based fitness classes. HIIT with Pilates gives added elements of burning fat and boosting metabolism with strengthening increases flexibility and also decreases stress.  This gives all the benefits with only one routine.


Men in Barre

Barre will be trending for all ages and all levels of fitness. Over the years, it has become less exclusive as it benefits in gaining flexibility.

Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness Apps has been up and coming for some time now. Being mindful is always best for health and wellness.  Meditation and mindfulness app will be a top pick.

This is just some of the trends to look forward to this 2019, whatever fitness trend you are in, dedication and determination should always be on top of the list.

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Michelle & Nolan Fisher (Founders of Booty Transformation) with their 2 boys


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