Why Booty Transformation


To successfully compete, it is important that small businesses develop a sustainable competitive advantage that is based on providing superior value to a specific niche.

It can be therefore said, building and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace is a key factor to building long term sustainable success. Booty Transformation is positioned well in the market and follows a 3 pronged approach when it comes to maintaining a competitive advantage and footprint in the market.

  1. Cost Advantage – Booty is competitively priced in the market
  2. Value Advantage – Booty offers a differentiated offering that is perceived to be of superior value.
  3. Niche Advantage – Booty focuses on the female niche offering a tailored fitness program – designed by women, for women.

Furthermore, we have integrated into the Booty System our 5 Step Competitive Advantage Framework…

  1. We understand the market and it’s segments
  2. We have gained an understanding of what members really want and as a result have established a value proposition that grabs their attention and meets their wants, needs, goals and desires
  3. We have identified the key things that we must do really well to support and deliver our value proposition, ie high energy tailored programs, accountability and support, value based pricing, a great member community and environment
  4. We understand our strengths and core competencies and how we can use those strengths to deliver constant and continuous improvement, innovation and value.
  5. We have designed the Booty business model to support and deliver our value proposition

Currently 1 out of every 4 Australian women engages in fitness activity; the female fitness industry is expected to grow steadily for segment aged 25-54 over next several years. Becoming a part of the Booty Transformation brand puts you in a position that lets you leverage fitness industry’s consistent growth.