When you thought you knew all along, think about the exercises you perform for your glutes. Here, we have identified three of the Worst exercises for your glutes and moves that you should be doing.

Worst Glute Exercises : Lunges

Lunges are a great form of leg exercise, but still does not focus solely on the glutes. Your glutes is a sleeping giant and it does not easily activate if you do not push it. Unluckily, some people can get away with lunges without even giving emphasis to the glutes. Although there may be other forms of lunges like the front or reverse lunges, you still wouldn’t be getting as much.

Worst Glute Exercises : Squats

You might actually get mad at me for pointing this out, but squats are not a great form exercise for your glutes. The truth is squats are great form of compound exercise for your legs, but it does not focus on your glutes. This is because, squats do not isolate the glutes. Neither does it activate the glutes as to hip extension and hypertension exercises.

Worst Glute Exercises: Step Ups

When you push off your foot on the floor, you are keeping your glutes from working. When you are not honestly doing your step ups, you are not pushing your glutes to activate at all. In times where you use a higher box, you are still facing the problem when you use your other foot to push up instead of pushing your glutes.

Here are the Moves you should be doing

Use every Angle to work your Glutes


There are glute muscles, the maximus, medius and minimus and in working all three muscles, you should focus in all angles. Get all three muscles firing in order to get your glutes  activated. Using one plane motion can’t help tone your glutes, you have to rotate, move back and forward and even laterally move.

Isolate your Glutes


You force your glutes to work when you isolate them. Because of today’s modem lifestyle, the glutes generally become inactive and underused. Isolating the glutes by performing bodyweight or lightly loaded exercises that target the glutes are best, contracting your glutes will give you better results.

Create a Pump


Getting your glutes pump will help make you feel they have been working. Creating a pump will give them enough tension, thus giving you results. Creating a pump is a lot different than soreness and soreness does not equal to results after all. Putting your glutes under tension and even adjusting rest times and number of repetitions and sets can help your glutes constant tension to create results.

These are only some of the glute exercises that I could recommend and you can learn more as we walk you through your road to fitness.

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